Residential & Commercial Bed Bug Extermination in Phoenix

Stop bed bugs before they infest your home. EcoForce will exterminate 100% of your bed bugs in a single treatment!

Dealing with a bed bug infestation?

If you’re looking for a company that kills bed bugs, without exposing your family and guests to dangerous chemicals, we can help.

EcoForce BedBug Services utilizes the industry's most advanced bedbug equipment and extermination strategies. Regarding bedbugs, there is not one tool to do the job. We have a variety of bedbug heaters for residential and commercial applications. We have completed thousands of bedbug treatments and understand it takes knowledge and experience to succeed without needing multiple "follow-up" visits. Specializing in bedbugs allows us to meet any customer's needs and any level of infestation.

Unlike most extermination companies, EcoForce Bed Bug Services has a no-questions-asked service warranty. If you discover bed bugs after one of our heat treatments, we will send a technician to your home and resolve the issue at no additional cost. You get the peace of mind knowing your bed bugs are gone for good — so you and your family can sleep comfortably at night.

EcoForce Bed Bug Services has never left a customer with bed bugs — and we guarantee the same for you! Call or book online today for more details on how to get your bed back to normal and live a bed bug free life:

"I was fighting a bed bug issue for about 3 weeks to a month. Was informed heat is the best way to eradicate these pests. I schedule an appointment with EcoForce and a week later they came to my home . Zach was super professional and even folded the sheets on my bed! Thank again! 10/10"
-Marc R.
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Our Extermination Process

With our modern equipment and best practices, we offer a complete bed bug elimination —  in a single heat treatment! Why are heat treatments better? Our heat treatments do not only target isolated areas like chemical and steam treatments, our treatments extends to all furniture, carpets, walls, ceilings and other voids where bed bugs live. This process, combined with a personalized treatment strategy for your home exterminates 100% of your bedbugs. This heat treatment process means you get a safe, discreet, effective treatment — without having to throw away your furniture, clothes, or personal belongings.

Pests, especially bed bugs, are becoming more resistant to EPA-approved pesticides. Recent research has shown that only 6% of bed bug chemical treatments are effective in a single application. However, heat is a natural, scientifically proven solution that kills 100% of bed bugs and their eggs in one go. Temperatures in the range of 122˚F – 143˚F for one hour are fatal to most pesticide-resistant organisms that infest your property. We provide a non-toxic, thermal bed bug control that raises the temperature of an infected area to proper levels, and then monitor those temperatures to ensure proper temperature and saturation levels.

Exterminating your bed bugs is our specialty — and we’ll help you win the ever-evolving bed bug battle! Contact us today to learn the right bed bug remediation strategy for you.

bed bugs infesting a bed
"Totally a company you want to contract if you are having bed bug problems. Awesome customer service, to include the person they send to do the job. Respectful of your things and helpful with questions you might have."
Nellie H.
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Bed Bug ID 

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! With the rapid rate at which bed bugs reproduce and spread it’s just a matter of time before you an unfortunate run-in with these pests. Use our Bed Bug ID to identify what type of bug you’re dealing with — and click on a bug to learn how to get rid of them:

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Look-Alikes

"Excellent service! This is something no one ever wants to deal with, but they came out the same day that I called for an inspection. After finding live bugs, they came out the very next day to start treatment. The guys took down and then put back up our blinds and checked everything else during the heat treatment process. So appreciative for this company and would definitely recommend them to anyone battling bed bugs!"
Bri H.
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Bed Bug Extermination Service & Feature List

Looking for a complete list of our bed bug extermination services? Take a look at our list below:

Full Structure Heat Treatments: 100% bed bug elimination in one treatment. The most effective whole home bed bug extermination method available.

Residential Services: Join our thousands of happy customers. We have never left a single customer with bed bugs — and we guarantee the same for you.

Commercial Services: Your reputation is important to us. We offer fast service (same day available), competitive pricing, and guaranteed success.

Inspection & Detection: Not sure if you have bed bugs? Call our team of experts today, or text a photo to: 623-227-2101 for an analysis and solution.

Chemical Applications: Our licensed technicians are trained to apply state-approved materials for the control and extermination of bed bugs.

Customizable Warranty: Extended warranty options for added protection and piece of mind. Founders of Arizona’s only customizable bed bug warranty.

"EcoForce is awesome. Had an emergency at a clients home(bed bugs). Got us in fast. Did a very thorough job. Very reasonable. Highly recommend them! Zach thank you!!"
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Why Arizona Trusts EcoForce

EcoForce Bed Bug Services is a Phoenix, AZ based division of EcoForce Heat Systems®, an industry-leader in bed bug eliminating equipment. We only employ licensed / certified technicians to ensure a premium quality service for all of our customers.

We understand how scary and unnerving it can be to deal with bed bugs. Our entire service is built to make the elimination process easy for you. Rest assured that you’ll get affordable pricing, discrete vehicles, and environmentally-friendly treatments. We specialize in bed bug extermination so when you hire us, you’re working with the experts. Exterminating bed bugs is all we do, and that’s why we’ve never left a customer with a single bed bug.

If you’re ready to get your bed back to normal and sleep without the threat of bed bugs, give us a call or book online — and tell us what you need!

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