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EcoForce Bed Bug Heat Treatments

EcoForce Bed Bug Services is a Phoenix, AZ based division of EcoForce Heat Systems® which is an industry leader in the sales of bed bug eliminating equipment worldwide. EcoForce BedBug Services only employs licensed/certified technicians to ensure a premium quality service for all of our customers. We utilize the most advanced heat equipment for all bed bug treatments and have several options for full structure, partial structure, or individual room applications. Our proven bed bug heat treatment techniques filter heat throughout a structure to ensure there is no place for bed bugs to survive. We monitor temperatures inside the structure and maintain proper extermination levels for a period averaging 8 hours or less depending on the degree of infestation and treatment strategies used. Our process ensures that bed bug eliminating heat permeates into every crack and crevice that bed bugs may hide and guarantees a successful bed bug treatment.


Full Structure Heat Treatments

100% bed bug elimination in a single treatment. The most effective whole home bed bug extermination method available.

Residential Services

Join our thousands of  happy customers. We have never left a single customer with bed bugs.

Commercial Services

Your reputation is important to us. We offer fast service, competitive pricing, and guaranteed success.

Inspection & Detection

Not sure if you have bed bugs? Call our team of experts today, or text a photo to: 480-304-5649

Chemical Applications

Our licensed technicians are specially trained in the application of state approved materials for the control and extermination of Bed Bugs.

Customizable Warranty

Extended warranty options for added protection and piece of mind. Founders of Arizona’s only customizable bed bug warranty.

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