Scientific Name: Psocoptera

adult bed bug cimex lectularius

Booklice have been mistaken for bed bug nymphs. Both booklice and bed bug nymphs are light colored but bed bug nymphs have a less of a elongated body. Bed bug nymphs don’t look like they have a neck, whereas booklice do. Bed bug nymphs are clear but will turn a red or rust color because of their blood meals.

The Booklice size ranges from 1 to 6mm. They feed on mold or mildew, they do not feed on blood. The name booklice comes from the fact that they tend to gather on moldy books in damp homes.

The best way to control booklice is to eliminate moist environmental conditions. Reducing the humidity in your home will eliminate the mold on which the booklice feed.

adult bed bug on human skin

Yes, this is the bug I found!

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