Skye Galpin asked 4 weeks ago

I have read that heat treatment is the only way to properly kill bed bugs. Is this true and is the process tedious??
Thank you for your quick response.

admin Staff replied 4 weeks ago

Great question! Heat is not the only way to get rid of BedBugs, However it is the most Eco-Friendly application.

Another way to exterminate bedbugs would be fumigation, however, it is typically more expensive than heat. There is also more extensive Prep involved. Fumigation has no residual effect on bedbugs, meaning if you get re-infested the next day, you would void any warranty.

Heat Treatments are very effective in that heat saturates into every crack and crevice a bed bug may be hiding. Chemicals can be applied for a residual barrier.

As far the the process, Heat treatments aren’t tedious with the right company. We don’t want you to bag or box up your entire home, our prep is very simple. The process will take between 4-6 hours. You would have to vacate the home for the duration of the treatment. However, 1 treatment is all you need!

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