In order to get the best possible results, we must achieve an ambient room temperature of 120-150°F for a minimum of 2 hours. Because bed bugs can lay their eggs anywhere, under no circumstances should anything be removed from the treatment area and/or structure. All items must go through the heat process unless thoroughly inspected and/or disinfected.

Please prepare the treatment area in the following manner:

  1. Gather heat sensitive items listed below and place in an open top (preferably plastic) container such as a laundry basket or storage tote. **DO NOT bag heat sensitive items, also refrain from using cardboard boxes as they are a good habitat for bedbugs. Leave heat sensitive items in the residence for the service technician(s) to inspect and they will remove unaffected items prior to beginning the treatment.**
  2. Clean up clothes and clutter from the floor and closets. Ensure there are no piles of clutter on top of beds, couches, and other furniture as this can create cold spots that may interfere with a successful treatment.
  3. Vacuum pet hair, dust, and Diatomaceous Earth (if applicable).

Heat Sensitive Items:

◻  Waxy/Meltable Items i.e. Candles, Crayons, Lipstick, Deodorant *NOT Plastics*

◻  Combustable/Pressurized Items i.e. Aerosol Cans, Soda Cans, Cigarette Lighters, Fire Extinguishers

◻  Plastic or Vinyl Window Blinds shall be taken down and placed next to the window

◻  Pets, Fish, Live Plants

◻  Prescription Medications, Cough Syrup, and Gel Capsule Pills

◻  Loose Leaf Photos, and Plastic Picture Frames (if photos are in a glass picture frame with a wood surround they do not need to be placed in the heat sensitive area)

◻  Unplug and Disconnect Small Electronics i.e. TV’s, Gaming Systems, Computer Towers and Modems

◻  Vinyl Records

◻  Arts and Crafts assembled with hot glue

◻  Heirlooms and other Irreplaceable item

◻  Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Chocolates, Wines, and Liquors